Aim & Objective
Plan & Activities
Aim & Objective
Chemistry   化學科

Aim & Objective

A. In alignment with the School Development Plan :


1. Enhance staff collaboration.

2. Encourage more interactive approach for teaching and assessment modes for  learning.

3. Cater the diversity of students based on their academic achievement.


B. Other Panel-based aims :

Improve school’s academic reputation by joining inter-school or international competition.

Students should

  1. develop curiosity and interest in chemistry.
  2. acquire an ability to think rationally and critically, and to apply the knowledge of chemistry in making judgments and  solving problems.
  3. develop skills in scientific investigations.
  4. be acquainted with the language of chemistry and be equipped with the skills in communicating ideas in chemistry  related contexts.
  5. become aware of the social, economic , environmental and technological implications of chemistry, and show  concern for the environment and society.