Aim & Objective
Plan & Activities
Aim & Objective
Computer Subjects   電腦科

Aim & Objective

Aim & Objectives

1.Cater for student’s learning diversity, to promote student’s interest in learning and to enhance learning effectiveness

2. To keep students abreast of new IT trend and usage.

3. Using IT in learning.

4. All students can equip basic IT generic skills when they are graduated.



(a) To cater for learning diversity, we use eBooks by iPad at S1-S3 to replace paper textbook starting from the academic year 2012-2013. More colourful contents, interactive activities and video instructions can be made in the eBook. Students are free to install eBooks on their own iPad device. Notes in pdf format are also available to students with no iPad at home. All videos in the eBooks can also be accessed by students via YouTube.
(b) A Learning website had been developed and used for many years. The objective of the website is to provide a platform for students and teachers to obtain a consistent learning and teaching materials, in particularly for S1-S3 Computer Literacy. Students can access to teaching schedule, notes, learning video, examination practice papers, and some self-learning website and materials. The web site is
(c) Many activities like Photo-taking, sound recording, video taking and video editing can easily be done by some apps of iPad in one lesson.
(d) The junior Computer Literacy curriculum was revised yearly to incorporate new technology and equipped students with more generic learning skill under the limited curriculum time. The contents included effective use of Interactive resources such as search engine, web 2.0, google drive, QR code, wireless image transfer etc.
(e) Using social networking platform like Facebook in S4-S5 as one of the discussion areas among students and teachers. Questions were posted on the Facebook for students to answer and to discuss.
(f) Use of cargo-bot game, FixThe Factory game, game making tool as scratch and WeDo construction set to provide students opportunities to learn programming concept during the process of playing game and making game.
(g) Applying iPad apps such as Explain Everything, Presenter and Popplet made the interactive activities possible.
(h) Establishment of SAA robotics club to organize a number of robotic programming workshops to interested students.
(i) Establishment of school robotics teams (Vex & LEGO) to prepare for the territories robotics competitions like First LEGO League (FLL), Vex and Lego World Robot Olympiad (WRO)