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Post Date: 12-Feb-2020
Follow-up Measures Regarding S6 Mock Exam and HKDSE 有關中六畢業試及文憑試跟進事項安排
  1. S6 Mock Exam (4 – 14 February) and script checking exercise (18 – 21 February) will be cancelled.

  2. S6 students should collect their own HKDSE admission form, marked Mock Exam scripts, and suggested answers and return filled forms, if any, on 12 March (Thurs) at Room B107 (Conference Room next to the Principal’s Office) during office hours from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

  3. Upon return to school on 12 March (Thurs), S6 students should
    (a) display their student ID,
    (b) wear face masks and
    (c) bring along a signed temperature record in column of “Parent’s Correspondence” on P.114 of Student Handbook for checking at the entrance.

  4. Should S6 students develop symptoms of fever before the schedule date, they are advised to stay at home and contact the school office (Tel: 2546-0117) for any further arrangement.

  5. S6 students should return home to minimize the risks of cross infection after collecting their scripts.

  6. S6 students should empty all their personal belongings kept in the classrooms on or before 12 March (Thurs). The S6 classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly on 13 March (Fri).

  7. S6 students could collect their own HKDSE admission form on the 8th day (currently scheduled to be 12 March) after the day (scheduled to be 5 March) that the HKEAA would allow schools to collect the HKDSE admission forms for their students. The school office will be open for the collection on the next working day if the 8th day is a Saturday or public holiday. S6 students may collect their admission forms with observance of points 2 and 3 above.

  8. Regardless of whether schools could collect the admission forms from the HKEAA on 5 March, S6 students are still required to collect the question papers and return the filled forms on 12 March.

  9. S6 students can receive the updates on HKDSE latest arrangements and hygiene precautions through the following links:

  10. HKEAA may make further precautions with respect to prevalent epidemic situation. Updates will be posted through eClass Email, eClass Parent App, School Webpage and School Facebook Page. S6 students and parents should take note of the latest updates.
  11. As there might be changes in the day for the release of HKDSE results, any associated amendments will be released through various channels as stated in point 10.

  12. Once EDB announces the resumption of school lessons and any make-ups are arranged, S6 students should observe good personal hygiene, put on face masks, and have their temperature checked before returning to school.

  1. 中六畢業試 (2月4日至14日) 及對卷日 (2月18日至21日) 將會取消。

  2. 中六同學須於3月12日 (星期四) 親自領取文憑試准考證、畢業試的紙本試卷及參考答案、以及填妥不同表格。請同學前往1樓會議室 (B107室),辦公時間如下:
    (a) 上午9時正至中午12時正
    (b) 下午1時正至4時正

  3. 中六同學於3月12日 (星期四) 回校時,必須 (a) 出示學生證; (b) 佩戴口罩; (c) 帶備經家長簽署的體溫量度紀錄(於手冊第114頁家長通訊內填寫), 在進入學校時供查閱。

  4. 如中六同學在3月12日 (星期四) 數天前感到身體不適,不應於當天回校。相關同學可致電中學部校務處 (電話:2546-0117) 與職員另行安排日期回校。

  5. 完成手續後,中六同學宜儘快回家,以免增加染病風險。

  6. 中六同學須於3月12日 (星期四) 或之前拿走存放在中六課室內的個人物品。校方會在3月13日 (星期五) 或之後清理課室。

  7. 校方會於考評局公佈學校可為日校考生領取文憑試准考證當天起計 (暫定3月5日) 第8日向中六同學派發准考證 (暫定3月12日)。如第8日是星期六或公眾假期,校方會於下一個工作天向中六同學派發准考證。中六同學應按第2和3點所示回校領取准考證。

  8. 不論考評局能否於3月5日向學校派發文憑試准考證,中六同學仍須於3月12日回校領取試卷和填妥表格。

  9. 中六同學可按以下連結了解文憑試的考務安排和新訂有關衛生項目的規則:

  10. 考評局會因應疫情微調文憑試的安排。本校會透過eClass電郵、eClass Parent App、校網和本校Facebook專頁宣布相關最新安排。請中六同學和家長定時留意相關信息。

  11. 由於考評局有機會修訂公佈文憑試成績的日期,本校會適時透過第10點的渠道公佈相關項目的最新安排。

  12. 當教育局宣布全港學校復課,如中六同學須回校補課,請在校內和街上佩戴口罩及注意個人衛生,和在回校前量度體溫。