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Post Date: 11-Jul-2020
Special Notice 特別事項

As announced by the EDB, the summer holiday will start next Monday (13 July). Please note the following points:
1. Students and parents should login to eClass to check the mailbox every day as the latest updates from the school will be released using eClass or eClass parent Apps.
2. Students should login to their Google classrooms every day to check for the latest materials released by teachers.
3. Students are not required to return to school from 14 July to 16 July for viewing marked exam scripts.
4. Under the special reading scheme by the EDB, each student will be given a book during the summer holiday. More details about the collection will be released on eClass.
5. The closing ceremony on 20 July will be cancelled but students are required to come back to school at different time slots. The details for collecting the report cards, the appeal procedures and collecting other related materials will be put on eClass in due course.
6. If a student has health issues, is under quarantine or has close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19, he should stay at home, and parents should inform the school office by ringing 2546 0117.
7. Student activities in July will be cancelled. The arrangement for the activities in August will be put on eClass in due course.
8. Students should take away all personal belongings from their lockers or drawers on or before 20 July. Any remaining items will be discarded.
9. Summer supplementary lessons on 13 July will be cancelled, and those from 17 July to 31 August will remain as scheduled.

1. 家長及同學請每天登入eClass app和eClass電郵戶口,查閱學校最新校務宣布。
2. 請同學每天登入Google Classroom查看各科教學材料或科務安排。
3. 同學在7月14至16日不用回校對卷。
4. 據教育局的贈閱圖書計劃,每位同學可獲贈一本圖書。詳情將在eClass公布。
5. 7月20日的結業禮將會取消,但同學須在指定時間回校領取文件,包括成績表、考試分數上訴程序和其他文件。請同學留意稍後於eClass公布的各項安排。
6. 如學生身體不適,或正在隔離,或是與COVID-19確診者緊密接觸,應留在家中休息。家長請致電2546 0117通知校務處。
7. 7月份的所有課外活動和訓練將會取消。8月份的安排則稍後於網上公布。
8. 同學須於7月20 日或之前回校取回儲物櫃和課室抽屜所有個人物品。逾期未取的物品將被棄置。
9. 7月13日的暑期補課取消。7月17日起之暑期補課如期進行。