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~~ Lily House 2012-2013~~

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Lily (百合) is the representive flower of White House(白社), which is the flower of France

The Lily House committee member list:

House Captain: Wong Ngo Cheung Gordon from5B

House Vice-captains: Yan Kai Kit Ivan from 5E

                                                Choi Ho Chi from 5B 

House Master: Mr. So Ho Yin Steven 
                                 Mr. Chan Shui Leung Anthony

F.5 Committee:
Yuen Ka Lun Peter 5C(36)
Ng Ming Hin Angus 5C(17)
Wong Wai Yin 5C(31)
Tai Tsz Hin Jerry 5B(28)
Cheung Pak Yin Parco 5B(10)
Wong Yat Fung Parry 5A(26)
Wong Cheuk Fung Anson 5A(23)

F.4 Committee:
Kwong Ho Ming Jeff 4E(11)
Hung Yuen Ho Sunny 4E(8)
Cheung Ting Him Edwin 4A(5)
Chak Shun Him Jason 4A(1)

F.3 Committee:
Tsoi Hin Yao Tobias 3C(30)
Chan Chun Hay Carl 3B(1)

F.2 Committee:
Ng Yat Ming 2D(21)
Cheung Tak Chi Eric 2D(6)
Leung Ho Fung 2A(17)

Lily House Group on  Facebook : 
For those guys who don't join our group,please join it as fast as u could.This group will post the recent information about Lily house in this academic year. 
P.S. Also,please check House News which can see our upcoming acticities hold by us such as Sport Day Practice or Lily Competition

 LILY's activities:


F.1 Orientation Day 2012


Swimming Gala We Got A-grade Champion ^^!!!!!!!