Talent Time 2013

Talent Time 2013
Every year, one of the most eye-catching students-involved events would be Talent Time, co-organized by the Music Association and our Music teachers. The previous ones have proved to be great successes, and yet this does not diminish the team's willingness to excel and look for ways to make it a spectacular and most favorite singing contest. Talent Time 2013 can be crowned as the best Talent Time ever in school. The outcome is surprisingly appalling.


Talent Time 2013 was held on 19 January (Saturday). It attracted more than 500 audiences in total to rush to grab all the tickets at the beginning of the selling period. The number of audiences was the highest ever, which was really encouraging and welcoming.


Good show never lacks any glittering and flashy points. Talent Time 2013 invited the most guests ever. They include talented singers from other schools, famous singers, old boys and previ-ous Talent Time winner etc.


No one could guess what was going to happen before watching the show. Nevertheless, all the guests made an unique, unexpected yet surprising entry on stage; such as the band Supper Moment featuring all our 12 contestants in Round 1, ToNick, the new girl group As One and Alfred Hui towards the end. Their wonderful performance gave audiences no time to gasp and ‘wow’.


From 19:35 to 23:40, every moment of the show was a mini-climax and a stunning surprise, catching everyone's heart. This length is also the longest ever. Talent Time 2013 ended with a great ovation from the standing audiences hoping to see an even more enchanting show in the year to come.




YouTube link: http://youtu.be/uTp-G8pdA2I