ABC of Spirituality

ABC of Spirituality
2016-09-22 Introduction
2016-09-29 A - Approach each day with an appreciation for being alive.
2016-10-13 B - Brave the future with an open and positive attitude.
2016-10-20 C - Commit youself to daily discoveries of something new and uplifting.
2016-10-27 D - Decide to be happy.
  E - Explore each problem with the intent of improving the situation
2016-11-03 F - Forgive gracefully and as soon as possible, when unable to do so, distance yourself mentally from the situation, then engage in experiences worthy of your time
2016-11-10 G - Glorify each day you are given
2016-11-24 H - Harvest the best of life's experiences
2016-12-01 I - Ignite your heart with hope. It will empower you to face the future
2017-02-09 聞雞起舞
2017-02-16 Br Edward KOWALA
2017-02-23 L - Like, Love, Listen, Learn, Laugh at yourself, Laugh with others, Laugh longer, lauder and more often
2017-03-02 M - Meditate
2017-03-06 N - Never dewll on negative experiences. Revisit the past only to use its lessons to construct a better future
2017-03-23 O - Offer the best of yourself to others
2017-03-30 P - Planning for the improved tomorrow
2017-04-27 Q - Quiet the day
2017-05-04 R - Respect yourself and your universe
2017-05-11 S - Spend time with children, they will renew your Spirit, Sense of Joy, hop and well-being.
2017-05-18 T - Take responsibility for your own life including your thoughts, actions, inactions, fitness, health, happiness and sense of fulfillment.
2017-06-08 U - Understand that you will never have a satisfactory explanation as to why bad thinking happen.