CAREERS CORNER - Careers Prefect Association

CAREERS CORNER - Careers Prefect Association

Careers Prefect Association 2018 - 2019

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Chairman Yeung Yat Ho  4D (31)
Vice Chairman Ng Ho Pang  4D(22)
Committee  Chong Hon Man  4B(6)
Committee  Chen Chun Hei  4C(9)
Committee  Han Shing Tat   4C(12) 
Committee  Ko Man Hin   4C(16) 
Committee  Liu Chun Pang   4C(27)
Committee  Ho Tai Hei   4D(10)
Committee  Tang Ho Long   5A(22)
Committee  Mak Chun Kit   5C(27)
Committee  Shum Man Lok   5C(29)
Committee Chan Chun Ho   5D(3)
Committee Chris Chan   5D(4)
Committee Cheuk Yik Ho   5D(7)
Committee Poon Cheuk Kit   5D(22)

Work Schedule of CPA

Date Event
28 Sep 18 JCE Booth
8 Dec 18 S6 Mock Interview 
3-4 May 19 CPA-Training Camp (Dance with Nature) 
  CPA-Job Shadowing 01 (Architect) 
  CPA-Job Shadowing 02 (Doctor) 
  CPA-Job Shadowing 03 (Animal Trainer) 
16 Mar 19 S3 Streaming Seminar
24/31 Aug 19  S1 Orientation Day