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Suspension of face-to-face lessons (24.1 - 7.2.2022)

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,


In view of the latest situation with the pandemic, the Education Bureau has announced the suspension of face-to-face lessons for S1 to S5 students starting from 24th January, 2022.  We would like parents/guardians and students to pay close attention to the following points:


1.  In order to keep everyone at school safe and healthy, our school will ensure a clean and hygienic environment is maintained at all times on the school premises.  Anyone who has a fever, or who has developed any symptoms of a respiratory infection should not enter the school premises.

2.  From 25th to 27th January, 2022 inclusive, S1 to S5 normal lessons will be conducted via online channels.  Students should attend online lessons on time, otherwise your son’s non-attendance may be treated as absent without proper reasons on a school day.  Schooling arrangements on or after 8th February, 2022 will be announced in due course.

3. All subject affairs will be announced on the Google Classrooms.  Students should ensure that they have joined ALL the Google Classrooms of the subjects that they are studying.

4. The S6 Mock Examination will be held as scheduled.

5.  The Feast Day [i.e. Founder’s Day (Feast of St. John Bosco) Thanksgiving Ceremony] on 28th January, 2022 will be conducted via online channels.  Students should stay at home and attend the Feast Day on time.  If students take leave of absence during the Feast Day due to proper reasons (e.g. illness), their parents/guardians should make a phone call to the General School Office (Tel: 25460117) as soon as they are able to do so.  Parents/guardians should draft a signed letter to the General School Office by mail or e-mail (leave@stlouis.edu.hk) within 2 school days (on or before 9th February, 2022).  A medical certificate must be attached.  Students who fail to complete the application of leave of absence may be considered as skipping lessons or playing truant and may face disciplinary action.

6.  In case it is strictly necessary for students to study at school in the opening hours, the following points should be observed:

(a)   Parents/Guardians should call the General School Office at least 1 working day in advance for registration so that arrangements could be made.  If the student is then absent, the school will inform the parent/guardian.

(b)   Every student should register by checking his student card against the card reader at the entrance both when he enters and leaves the school.

(c) The student concerned should study at the designated place when he is at school.

7.  All face-to-face student activities, including inter-school competitions, being scheduled up to the resumption of face-to-face classes are cancelled.

8.  Please read Circular No. 002 (i.e. Rules of online classes) that the school distributed to all parents/guardians and students in early September 2021.  You may also study the pdf file of the circular via eClass email that you received on the night of 9th January, 2022.

9.  Students should prior consult their subject teachers for the proper ways to submit assignments via online channels.

10.In case of the cancellation or change of the arrangements of the Term Test or Final Examination due to the pandemic, the HW mark in Semester 2 will solely be expanded or used as the formation of the total scores of the 2nd Semester.  Students should submit all online work and hard copies of their assignments to teachers on time.  If assignments are submitted late, students will face the risk of a mark penalty or penalties.

11. We ask that everyone pays close attention to their personal hygiene.  Hands should be washed frequently and masks worn properly. 

12.  You should check the eClass email, school web page, school Facebook page, eClass App and Google Classrooms for ad hoc announcements made by the school or teachers on a daily basis.

13.  Should there be enquiries, please contact the General School Office via 2546-0117.


Thank you for your attention.


St. Louis School

20th January, 2022